Increase engagement by asking your subscribers to share pictures

3 min readDec 14, 2020

The team behind this holiday Subtext campaign is getting valuable feedback like never before

Earlier this month, Canadian news outlet The Globe and Mail launched their holiday Subtext campaign 24 Treats of Christmas…and oh what a treat it has been! The 24 Treats campaign launched on 12/1 with the simple but brilliant idea to text subscribers a link to a recipe for a new holiday treat every day leading up to Christmas. They make things fun and interactive by challenging their followers to try out new recipes and text in baking questions and pictures of all the delicious treats they bake.

The Globe and Mail team behind the 24 Treats of Christmas campaign has done an amazing job building a loyal audience in a very short time. Using a well-thought-out promotional strategy that’s inclusive of social ads, articles, and multiple newsletter blurbs, they’ve made it to the inboxes of baked goods lovers everywhere. One of the things they do really well is stay on top of their eager subscribers’ requests. Just last week they decided to stray away from their expected one text a day cadence after they noticed a ton people reaching out for a back log of recipes missed prior to signing up. In response, they sent the above text that incorporated a PDF link to their first batch of recipes.

When we caught up with Lori Fazari Digital Editor at the Globe in Mail, she told us how surprised they are by how many readers have responded, and how thoughtful their questions and comments have been. Audience responses have actually had a large part in informing their successful campaign strategy.

“Because we’re texting out recipes, they’ve asked us questions if they’re unclear on something before they start baking — or while they’re in the kitchen making it — that has led us to immediately tweak the way the instructions are written online. That kind of feedback doesn’t often appear in the comments on our site.”

Lori also told us just how much the team has been enjoying interacting with their audience and receiving such uplifting feedback. “They’re sending great pics of what they’ve baked, and so many positive comments about how much they’re enjoying following this as a bright spot in their day. We’re responding to all the feedback and asking people to keep sending it in.”

Who would have thought? The way to a subscriber’s heart could very well be through their stomachs!

A few things to take away from the success of this campaign:

  1. Running a campaign with intent and an obvious value proposition to subs is key to engagement and growth.
  2. Listen to your subscribers and ask for feedback, they will always tell you want they want.
  3. Spend 10–15 minutes a day on the platform writing and responding to messages, your subs will appreciate the responses.

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