Cavs Insider — Growing 40% in one month

Meet Chris Fedor — Cavs reporter, radio host at 92.3 The Fan and evident sports junkie. He hosts the Subtext campaign Cavaliers Insider.

As the name suggests, this successful subscription campaign brings its loyal audience insider news and insights about the Cleveland Cavaliers and the NBA. Fans can’t get enough! Last month, Chris’ sub list grew by nearly 40%!

Check out some of his texts below!

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Chris is a natural for many reasons. As a model host, he’s committed to sending frequent and timely NBA news updates, and as his Twitter bio states, by texting him you can “get it before Twitter.” His texts are effortless, feeling like you’re receiving a text from your friend with the inside scoop. Most notably, he uses his audience as a resource for his reporting. Chris surveys his fans for questions they have about the Cavs, then answers the best submissions on his column “Hey Chris.” Often times, he uses his loyal Subtext audience to source that content.

“The submissions for this post once again came mostly from Subtext insiders, who received a message to send one question each. The best were chosen. Want to receive Cavs Insider texts and communicate directly with me? Sign up for a 14-day free trial with your phone number and perhaps one of your questions will be used in the next edition of Hey, Chris! You can also sign up by texting me at 216–208–4499.”

What a great way to motivate your Subtext audience, Chris. Congrats on the win!

This is the Medium account for Subtext A service that lets you text with your audience.

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