Consumers want online deals texted straight to their phones

Why not explore using a Subtext campaign to enhance your online sales efforts? That’s what Buzzfeed, CNET and USA Today have done this holiday shopping season. We already know that text messages blow email out of the water with open rates of 90%+.

CNETS Rick Broida’s runs a successful Subtext campaign called The Cheapskate’s deal texts. The campaign is an effective companion product to his popular deal hunting blog and podcast by the same name, The Cheapskate. Rick’s campaign has a clear value proposition to subscribers that is simple yet effective, and the economically savvy are here for it! Why, is that? The obvious — he does the dirty work of scouring the web for the hottest deals and money saving tips, then uses texts to deliver a combination of personality, e-commerce links, product reviews, blog posts, promo codes, and discounts on tech merch. In just a couple of months, it’s clear he’s gained the loyalty of his 7k+ subscribers, as they continue to engage, click links, ask for product specific deals, and shower him with thanks, all via text. If there’s one thing it proves, it’s that people want online deals accessible, and texted straight to their phones.

Launching a campaign just in time for the holiday season, Buzzfeed Commerce, led by host Samantha Tomaszewski, is texting out shopping deals to their audience as well.

The Buzzfeed campaign is similar to CNET’s but with a different audience and therefore different shopping picks. They each know how to serve their audience and that brings us to another shared trait between these two campaigns.

Why are these Subtext campaigns such a hit? For a number of reasons, but perhaps one of the things Rick and Samantha do best is tailor their outreach to the audience’s needs. They often checks in with subscribers to understand what they want to see next: What products are they interested in hearing about? What items are on their upcoming holiday wish lists so they can keep their eyes peeled? Do they want follow up alerts when items sell out or a deal is over? They ask, the audience responds, and they listen. We’ve said it time and again, looking to your audience for feedback and involving them in the curation process does wonders for the success of your Subtext campaign.

Want to try using Subtext to drive sales? Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Send sale notifications and reminders
  2. Deliver time-sensitive promotions and coupons
  3. Always include a link to the product and a clear CTA
  4. Collect subscriber/shopper Feedback

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