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1 Minute Talk Show found direct messaging on social as the key to driving big growth on Subtext.

Normally we like to give you a little air-through-the-nose cheesiness in these articles, and we certainly hope to continue to do that. Right now though, all we want to offer is our support for those out demonstrating in their communities and for those who make America what we all dream of it being.

Being the first week of the month, it’s time to announce the campaign with the highest month-over-month growth. ‘1MTS Updates’ is our winner. The campaign grew by 158% from April to May.

1 Minute Talk Show, or 1MTS for short, is an online talk show hosted by Aiden Wall and Sean Kane. Since they were juniors in high school, the duo has been producing minute long videos every week to a devout fan following. With 586k followers on Instagram and about 295k on TikTok, the show has generated thousands of memorable episodes for fans. Here’s their most recent video about really bad “ninjas” in Minneapolis.

When they joined Subtext, they used a different strategy than most. Rather than directing their audience to the sign up form for their campaign, they asked their audience to send them their phone number via DMs to be added to an exclusive chat and entered all of the numbers manually.

1 Minute Talk Show then makes it a point to have fresh content to deliver to the new batch of subscribers every time they sit down and add a couple hundred subscribers. That way the new subscribers are immediately hit with something to respond to, and in turn 1MTS is given new people to engage with on each broadcast.

The nature of Subtext as a platform to communicate with your audience produces a direct connection to a valuable members of your following. Chances are, if they’re willing to directly sign up for your texts, they would be willing to directly message you their phone number.

Aiden and Sean are perfect examples of this strategy working. If you’re struggling with audience growth and are looking to recalibrate, try directly asking your audience to send their numbers to expedite the process of signing up new subscribers.

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