Gannett and USA Today is Texting its Audience with Subtext

There’s lots of exciting news happening in Project Text (now known as Subtext). If you’re a host or want to be one, you can get text messages about the latest here.

Today Gannett and the USA Today Network launched ten Project Text campaigns. These campaigns are FREE for users to sign up. So if you see one you’re interested in, click into the link and scroll to the bottom to sign up.

Get Your Tech Fix

Jefferson Graham is a longtime tech columnist. And now you can text with him one-to-one. From Graham: “Rather than downloading apps, dodging bots or having to wade through your friends’ curated version of their best selves, what if you could just text back and forth with me on nerdy things, observations and inside intel?” Sign up here.

Know Your Politics — Get the Scoops

Ohio is one of those must-watch states when it comes to politics. And now you can get texts from a politics reporter who covers Cincinnati and the state.

Let’s Talk TV

Now you can add a TV critic and beat reporter to the list of people you text reactions to about TV show finales. You’ll also get some behind the scenes and business insider tidbits. USA Today TV critic Kelly Lawler is following ALL entertainment — streaming or otherwise. Sign up here.

Country Music Mile

If you’re into Country music, then this campaign from Cindy Watts is for you. “I live and breathe country music. You’ll get my bird’s eye view of big-picture stories as well as the drilled down details that may be too much information for a general feature story. I’ll also share inside intel ahead of me publishing it in a story (and long before your friend circle gets word of it).” Sign up here.

Ask the Answer Man

In Asheville North Carolina if you have a question there’s one man for the job. Answer Man John Boyle. “This will be a chance to exchange ideas and talk about local trends, whether it’s the latest hotel proposal or the plea deal for the cop in the Johnnie Rush beating case. We’ll keep it open-ended, fun and occasionally serious.

Sign up for his campaign here.

Watching the Memphis Tigers

Over the next 90 days, we’re testing group text chats between me and some of our most engaged Memphis Tigers fans and readers. In this group text chat, you’ll get inside access to the topics I cover, but also a chance to exchange ideas and talk about the latest trends.

Sign up for this campaign here.

Are You Ready for Some Football?

If you’ve been following Project Text, you know college football has been a big hit. Through USA Today we now have four more football campaigns under our belt — two are college and two are NFL.

If you like the Packers. Sign up here for the latest.

Maybe you’re a Bengals fan?!?! Get the latest Bengals insider news here — We got you.

If you follow the Tennessee Volunteers, then you’ll want texts from Knoxville beat reporter Blake Toppmeyer. Sign up here.

Update: The Hawkeyes saw MASSIVE signups in just a few hours. “Due to popularity, we maxed out our number of testers for the group chat in a matter of hours. But stay tuned — after this 90-day test, we’ll explore ways to bring it to any fan who wants it!”

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