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3 min readAug 31, 2020

When delivering content to your audience, they receive and consume it in a public context along with the rest of your audience. The reactions to it are affected by the numerous approval signals littered all over the platforms you post to.

Whether it be a view count, a like and dislike bar, number of comments, top comments, or even reactionary content posted in response to your original content, you aren’t getting the genuine feedback you desire out of each audience member.

Aiden Wall of 1 Minute Talk Show recognized this platform specific problem, and came up with an excellent way of attaining his audience’s genuine thoughts on what he’s created. Aiden texted everyone his video, asking for their opinion.

That’s it.

“Using Subtext as a source for genuine inspiration and help in the video making process has been super beneficial because it’s almost like staring into a crystal ball of what our overall audience would respond positively to.”
-Aiden Wall

Aiden has been careful about how often he uses the crystal ball, knowing that peering into it too often might end up shaping his creative in a way that isn’t completely his own. While some creators might bask within the collaborative opportunity a Subtext campaign presents, Aiden has asked fans for more niche feedback that helps him understand their sense of humor.

Text message requests like these have resulted in over a 50% spike compared to the texts he send that don’t explicitly ask the audience for some involvement in the content creation.

True fans will always want to give feedback on content, whether it’s something as simple as the title of a video, or the genuine opinions fans might have about unreleased content. Fans will always want to give feedback on content.

With two examples of Subtext driven fan feedback shown above, Aiden has been able to arrive at an excellent middle ground. Taking advantage of the thought provoking, and creative nature of the first example, and the unreleased, for your eyes only, inviting nature of the second example. Here he asks the fans to give their best guesses of what this unreleased episode would be about. Aiden effortlessly hypes up unreleased content, engages his audience and give them an opportunity to joke around with the 1 Minute Talk Show team.

Aiden asks everyone to give their best guess of what the episode is about based off a short teaser he sent out to his Subtext audience.

“Subtext gives me access to our direct viewers before it opens up to the broader audience in a way that no platform could, especially when it comes to ensuring what we make, is what the fanbase wants.”
-Aiden Wall

There’s a reward on both ends of text message feedback for both the creator and the fan. As the creator, you don’t have to worry about fan feedback being delivered to you with a bunch of other variables they’re taking in through whatever platform they are on (view counts, likes/dislikes, the comment section, like counts on comments, etc). As a fan, you get to tell your favorite creator what you really want to say and have a chance to be real with them without rolling the dice on whether or not they’ll even see it.

While their Subtext broadcasts have been fan centric and meant to make their following feel like they belonged to the process of making a 1 Minute Talk Show episode, Aiden and his team get more out of the fan’s replies than any old push notification, alerting them of new content. Framing their broadcasts in a way that puts the mic into the hands of each subscribing member consistently delivers new ideas and confirmations that what Aiden and his crew create every week, is in tune and in the same voice as their most loyal supporters.

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