How Subtext super hosts craft engaging texts and creatively use their embeds

How do you increase engagement audience engagement? It’s the million dollar question. Sportswriter Blake Toppmeyer of The Knoxville News-Sentinel in an expert with the answer. He runs a campaign that delivers a comprehensive blend of news updates, analysis, opinions, and Q&As around UT football.

Since day one, Blake Toppmeyer, promised his audience exclusive subscriber content, different from anything they would find on his public social media handles. He’s certainly kept his word as he continually crafts personal, unique and interactive texts that receive outstanding audience engagement. Blake’s campaign is called Tennessee Football News and Analysis, and if you’re a football fan whose not signed-up yet, you’re doing it all wrong.

Recently, Blake ran a poll through Subtext and over half of his healthy subscriber list responded. What did he do next? He shared the poll results — through text of course. Congrats on the big win, Blake!

Here’s some more inspiration: Check out how Scalawag — Southern elections and voter suppression creatively used their Subtext embed to match both their branding and to make their CTA stand out. They are using Subtext to drive a video series, As The South Votes, that answers their audience’s question on the election. They engaged readers by adding a closing slate with their Subtext number as host Anoa Changa urged readers to text in questions they have about voting in the south. Really creative stuff!

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