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3 min readJan 30, 2021

If you’re looking for trustworthy recommendations on where to eat and drink in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, foodies need look no further than restaurant connoisseur and food writer Sarah Blaskovich of The Dallas Morning News.

Sarah’s the approachable super host of Restaurant News, where she breaks news on restaurant trends and answers subscribers’ burning questions on what’s hot, what’s not and where to eat next. Her growing audience can’t get enough of it!

Sarah leads with accessibility and personality by texting custom suggestions for date night, girls night, game day and everything in between.

The broadcast that blew us away

You won’t believe it, but it’s almost impossible to get a reservation at some Dallas restaurants. Here’s why:

If you can’t read this story, go to If you can read it, thank you for your loyalty to The Dallas Morning News! We work hard to bring you food stories you won’t find anywhere else.

Now, let’s dive into why

This simple but cleverly formulated text resulted in a 5.5% conversation rate of Subtext subscribers to new digital members of The Dallas Morning News, further proving there’s power in individual connections with your readers. Perhaps that’s all apart of Sarah’s master plan. In her own words: “that person-to-person connection is essential.” In regard to her use case?

“These texts are yet another way that we are branding ourselves as reporters who are accessible, knowledgeable and human.”

How she does it

1. Offers promo codes: When encouraging digital subscriptions, Sarah offers subscribers a promo code for a free month of Dallas Morning News access as incentive to sign up.

2. Consistently builds trust: She realizes her subs have opted-in to hear from her, so she makes herself available.

“They ask me for a restaurant recommendation in their neighborhood or for an upcoming date-night, which we offer for free. I love doing that. Then, the next time I send a link to a Premium story (which are visible to Dallas Morning News members only), they remember that I’ve personally helped them. Maybe they feel like they know me, or maybe they feel just a little bit more loyalty to The Dallas Morning News. And they join us as subscribers.”

3. Listens: Sarah’s subs often proactively reach out to share tips and information, like new restaurant billboards they’ve seen in their neighborhoods or to ask why their favorite lunch spot closed. She believes theses readers make her better at her job.

“Several of these tips have led to news stories, which I always share back via Subtext when the story goes live. They seem to be delighted to have been part of the process, and through it, I’ve earned a loyal reader.”




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