How to apply a Subtext promo

Subtext promos work two ways depending on whether you’re an existing subscriber or not.

If you’re new to Subtext, welcome! You should receive a link from your host to redeem the promotion. You’ll know it’s a promo link because it’ll display the deal in both a turquoise bar across the top of the screen and under the pink standard subscription price above the sign up form. See picture above.

If you’re an existing subscriber, you will receive a promo code. It’ll be a one-word code in all caps. Head to the campaign page and select “Apply Promo Code” in the upper right corner. See red arrow in picture below.

That’ll initiate a pop up window. See pictures below. Enter the email address that you signed up with and enter the all caps promo code. Select “Apply Promo Code” and the language will change to “Promo Redeemed!” You’ll also receive a confirmation text message. Your promotion will kick in on your next month’s statement.



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