The Tweet that brought in 70 new subscribers

In San Francisco we work with Mission Local reporter Joe Eskenazi. He’s actually the original Subtext host and his 6k followers on Twitter know he’s the reporter with the inside scoop at City Hall. Joe has been on Subtext for 18 months and has built an audience that’s a good mix of “politico insiders” and local citizens who just want to stay informed. We gave Joe a challenge this year to grow his membership.

He started the year off with a single Tweet.

Not only was there a GREAT conversation that followed, including testimonials from people who said it would be a steal at 10x the price. Others shared the news about Joe’s texting service as well.

We encourage you to check out the convo on all of these tweets. All told, they netted Joe about 70 new subscribers. Over the course of a year — that’s an extra $3,360. For one tweet……. and that’s on top of the healthy subscriber base he already built.

The tweet immediately proceeding this is “A bargain at twice the price”

(An email filter that shows all the receipts she’s paid since signing up!)

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