How to sign up subscribers

There are several ways to onboard new and existing audinces on Subtext.

2 min readSep 11, 2020

Subtext has built a user sign-up flow with two things in mind: 1) ease of use and 2) user privacy. Below are the current options for signing up subscribers for you campaign.

  1. Send subscribers to your campaign page. Link to this page from a banner on your homepage, social channels, email newsletters and more. Keep reading…

2. Embed the sign up form in-line in stories, on your homepage, in the right rail of your website, etc. We love the customization pictured that Scalawag did for their campaign!

3. Share one of your campaign numbers in your social media bios, print advertisements, in online stories, etc. Subscribers can directly text the number to get started. Numbers tend to stand out more than links on social as pictured above.

4. Manually add subscribers by asking them to share their number with you via DM on social, email or another private channel.

5. Use an existing database of phone numbers to automatically sign up your subscribers. Or collect users’ phone numbers and permission to text them through your own form. Then send to Subtext. Detailed instructions here.

6. Add Subtext to your in-house digital subscriber sign up flow. Ask Subtext for more details.

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