How to use text alerts to track and reward your super fans

2 min readMar 21, 2021

Our new segmentation feature is already proving to be a really valuable way for our hosts to learn more about their audience.

The 1 Minute Talk Show team is using segmentation to identify their super fans! The online talk show, hosted by Aiden Wall and Sean Kane, has a cult-like fan following with over 1MM followers across IG, TikTok and Youtube, Aiden told us that using segmentation to create new content alerts has vastly improved their audience experience and has even helped them track and reward their super fans.

Our audience is spread across a ton of platforms. Youtube, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok and a podcast just to name a few. With Subtext, we have always had access to all of our audience members no matter where they discovered our content, but we never wanted to spam everyone with announcements of all of our latest videos and shows since they may not be as interested in a 45-minute podcasts as they are in a 60 second Instagram post. With segmentation, we are able to distinguish each audience member’s specific niche they are interested in and send them alerts about our new content without worrying about spamming them.

How they did it

Recently, they sent subscribers this perfectly curated text.


  • The text received over 260 replies
  • Nearly 40% of their audience opted into alerts about content they wanted to receive
  • Out of the subscribers who responded with the keyword “FIRST” to receive a text when a new YT episode aired, 50% converted directly into new video views

Tracking super fans

Aiden showed us how and his team creatively used this tool to identify their most engaged subscribers using a 4 step engagement loop. Here are the steps you can take to do the same.

  1. Segment your audience based on alerts they want to receive
  2. Retarget audience segments with future broadcasts announcing new videos and links
  3. To confirm which subscribers engaged, send a broadcast quizzing your audience about the new content and be sure to set keywords to segment them by their answers
  4. Respondents who reply with either keyword could be considered “super fans” as they opted into every step of the segmentation loop

Questions about this strategy? Reach out, we can walk you through it.




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