Join the club

Your fans like to feel special. Here’s one way to do it.

Or better yet, join our group chat. That’s what Aiden Wall and Sean Kane of the online comedy show “1 Minute Talk Show” asked their friends and followers to do via Subtext.

The comedy duo’s subtext campaign has over 500+ subscribers, a fraction of their combined social following, however that group is arguably 1MTS’s most loyal fans. They are the first to watch and respond to content the moment it’s posted.

I asked Aiden Wall why he valued providing this SMS experience to his captive audience:

Dennis: You guys typically create content for a broader audience, so what did you take away from making something for a smaller, focused group of fans?

Aiden: Mostly, we’re trying to build the strength and connection of our fanbase to 1MTS. Build out the “superfans” sort of. I think there’s 2 very different things that need equal attention: 1)building an audience 2) maintaining an audience. Using platforms like Subtext and creating content exclusive content for it helps us maintain that audience and strengthen their relationship with the show.

1 Minute Talk Show delivered something unique and exclusive to their Subtext audience last week. They followed up their police brutality episode of the show with an exclusive uncut video only available to Subtext subcribers.

The video itself was unlisted, allowing only Subtext subscribers to enjoy it. The comments and likes on the video alone show how something delivered with a stamp of exclusivity can foster a stronger relationship with your audience.

I was not doing very well on this fine Tuesday, so thank you, this will lift my spirits :’) — 1MTS Subtext Subscriber

An active and engaged subscriber, that you can reach through a simple text message, will provide you direct insight into what your audience thinks about your content. Aiden and 1MTS not only lean on the audience for feedback, but are now in turn rewarding their audience for their loyalty.

People in general want to be included in something that provides exclusive perks and benefits. When you’re trying to figure out how to grow and build your audience for your campaign, think about how you can provide those rewards to your audience. All they have to do is join the club.

This is the Medium account for Subtext A service that lets you text with your audience.