How one meme making Instagram Influencer channeled his audience into responsive SMS subscribers.

Hello Awesome Hosts!

We’ve got some new updates to the dashboard that I’m sure a majority of you will find very useful!

You can now mark messages as “read” in your message inbox without opening them. A few of you have asked for this functionality, so we’ve updated the dashboard to give you the ability to mark specific or all messages as read. It works much like this function in your email inbox. With this update, your inbox stands no chance of becoming over-encumbered with unread replies!

This week, I had the opportunity of seeing how exactly our winner of The D.A.V.I.D. award was able to achieve and retain the highest engagement rate out of all our campaigns.

The engagement rate metric on Subtext is one of our favorites because we think the 1:1 conversations with your audience is really where Subtext shines! We know it can be tricky to find the right cadence with your subscribers. This month’s winner threw lots of things against the wall in a true-to-self manner that was undeniably their own to get his subscribers talking.

This month’s winner of the D.A.V.I.D. award goes to “The Bear Hotline.”The Bear Hotline is one of our creator campaigns, hosted by Instagram influencer @bearboob.

Bearboob runs a meme page on Instagram consisting mostly of original comics and memes that he creates. Bearboob has been using Subtext as a way to further the bandwidth of his voice through his page and has primarily been sending funny text messages through his campaign.

an example of one of Bearboob’s randomly scheduled broadcasts
If the replies are indicative of anything, its that this is Bearboob’s purest target audience.

“It’s all down to my good looks, charm, and humbleness” said Bearboob when asked about his ability to keep his audience responsive to his broadcasts.

His highest performing broadcast was sent to 172 subscribers, yielding 171 responses. The broadcast simply asked his audience to send a meme or photo for him to use in a future post. The volume of responses goes to show how easy transitioning a subscriber to a source can be on Subtext.

Congratulations @bearboob on the award and to everyone who had their own victories on Subtext this week! Have a safe and happy weekend, and we’ll talk next week.

- Dennis and JulieAnn


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