Meet our newest Subtexter!

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Dennis Colon

Meet Dennis, who is joining our host development team. Our motto here at Subtext is if you have a campaign on Subtext, we work for you. Dennis is here to do just that. He will be making sure our hosts are getting the most out of the platform.

“I’m obsessed with watching genuine conversations grow both from the subscriber, and host’s perspectives,” he told us. “And I’m excited to help everyone get the most out of this medium.”

So you ready to join us yet? Dennis and the whole Subtext team are excited to help you get started. Reply to this email to learn more.

Check out our newest campaign

Lots of things have changed, but some have stayed the same. People in Chicago still love the Bears. If you’re a subscriber to the Chicago Tribune, you can now get Chicago Bear updates texted directly to you. Quite a nice perk for existing subscribers of the Chicago Tribune. Subscribers showed us their enthusiasm with a big first day for sign ups!

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