Project Text, it’s been real. We’re now Subtext.

Check out our new name and logo

2 min readOct 21, 2019

Big changes are afoot at Project Text. The first being — that’s the last time we will refer to ourselves as “Project Text.” Meet Subtext!

As you might have guessed, “Project Text” started off as a placeholder name, and it stuck as we launched our MVP. But over the last year plus, dozens of hosts have helped us prove with over 1 million messages sent that this is no longer just a project. And so, we wanted a name to reflect that. Check out our sweet, sweet logo.

The logo 👆

Why Subtext?

For starters, it’s a combination of “subscribe” and “text” and then, of course, there’s the dictionary definition of the word subtext: “an underlying and often distinct theme in a piece of writing or conversation.” It’s pretty literal for us. Our hosts deliver the “subtext” in their area of expertise to subscribers every day.

Whether you’re the biggest Ohio State Buckeyes fan or a SF Politics buff, our hosts text with you, like you do with your friends, about the topics you care about most. Thousands of people are now getting the latest insider information, aka the subtext, from our hosts, who are also there to listen to your insights and to answer your questions.

By providing the subtext, our customers are seeing increased subscriber loyalty and a new stream of revenue. We have hosts with tens of thousands of Twitter followers, who are asking for subscriber feedback from their much smaller Subtext audience, and getting a response rate 10x that of Twitter. We have other hosts, who have developed story leads and/or found a long-lost source via their Subtext communities.

Our audience is there. They want to support us. The key is providing them a way to be heard. Subtext is a direct way to build a symbiotic relationship with your biggest supporters.

What’s next?

Our new name and look is all part of a larger product development initiative that will give both our customers and their subscribers more tools to support each other with simplicity and ease. To keep following along and to chat with us, subscribe to our (infrequent) text updates. Or find us in all the usual places: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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