Subtext Case Studies: Lifestyle and Entertainment

Subtext’s use cases are vast, and our lifestyle and entertainment hosts are able to take advantage of one of the best benefits: high and positive engagement from the audience.

Whether you’re a chef giving subscribers tips for making the best latkes during Hanukkah or Instagram influencers giving your audience access to your Youtube show ideation and banter with your co-host, Subtext is yours to customize.

We’ve built a flexible platform that allows you to communicate with your audience in a private, immediate and personalized way. While you may feel bogged down with all the other tools you’re juggling (social media, newsletters, blog posts, etc.), texting offers a streamlined version of all these services to your loyal followers.

Let’s take a look at a few of our hosts in this space.

Shannon Sarna

Shannon is editor of the Nosher, an author, podcast host and a go-to resource on Jewish cooking. Now, she’s a kitchen concierge offering tips and answering questions on both her recipes and on cooking questions that emerge in during the Jewish holidays, including weekly Shabbat dinners.

With one of the highest engagement rates on the platform, Shannon’s audience jumped at the opportunity to dive deeper into her expertise after following her on Instagram and The Nosher. Shannon offers the service to her subscribers for free.

Aidan and Sean

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These two run a wildly popular talk show on YouTube and Instagram. They’re now bringing their audience into the conversation on Subtext. They offer their followers a chance to witness their ongoing banter on and off screen, as well as weigh in on the conversation. While a free offering to their audience, Aiden and Sean have grown their audience on this platform by individually inviting via Instagram some of their viewers. This has kept the community small and personal, in constrast to their conversations on other social platforms.

Andre Meunier

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Via Instagram (@oregonianbeerguy)

Andre is Oregon’s beer guy and a beer concierge of sort as well. He crisscrosses the state reviewing the numerous breweries and collaborates on his own brews, all while delivering his recommendations via the Oregoinian and Instagram.

On Subtext, Andre brings his audience new beer releases, reviews of the best breweries and reshares tips with the group are submitted by subscribers. Andre also effectively uses the platform to drive attendance to local events that his newsroom co-sponsors with breweries.

Andre’s campaign is a monthly subscription that has created a new revenue stream to support his work.

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