The Oaklandside’s grassroots approach to growing their subscriber base

2 min readMar 21, 2021

As larger groups of individuals are qualifying for COVID immunization, it feels as though there’s normalcy on the horizon amid the pandemic. We’re happy to share that a number of Subtext hosts have dedicated their campaigns to resources and developments on the vaccine and through this, have provided an extremely crucial service to their communities.

This Oakland based non-profit publisher running a Subtext campaign covering that very important topic — The Oaklandside’s guide to the COVID 19 vaccine.

Having launched in mid-February, The Oaklandside’s audience has already grown over 50%. Incredible, right?

Above all, they’ve managed to accomplish this with an authentic approach: Postcards and flyers in the Oakland neighborhoods hit hardest by the virus, directing the community to a Subtext number they can text to ask reporters questions.

Check out a flyer below

The Oaklandside’s guide to the COVID-19 vaccine

“Our postcards and flyers point people to a free text number where anyone can reach out to our reporters and editors with questions about vaccination sites, eligibility, and anything else they’re confused about related to the shot. We also share info about a similar service in Spanish from our newsroom partner El Tímpano.”

Sometimes all it takes is kicking it old school. Keep up the good work team Oaklandside, we couldn’t be prouder!

In other news: One of our amazing partners Newsday has been named a finalist INMA’s Global Media Award for Best Idea to Encourage Reader Engagement for their Subtext campaign Tracking the Coronavirus. Subtext was also named a finalist for the Best Initiative to Retain Subscribers! A special thank you to each and every one of you for all that you do to make us better every day.




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