The Subtext campaign rebrand that grew an audience over 40%

Check out the talented team at the locally-owned Austonia News in Austin, Tx. These super hosts run New! Free PM Update Text. The recently rebranded Subtext campaign sends subscribers a PM text update, working in tandem with the organization’s AM newsletter. By delivering exclusive insider info and breaking news, plus smart marketing of this product, their audience has grown by over 44% since launching PM update in early December.

Austonia News: Host of New! Free PM Update Text

  1. Their texts are prompt, building trust and setting expectations with subscribers. The daily text goes out at 4pm local time each day.
  2. They think outside the box when it comes to the visual appeal of their texts, promotion strategy, and brand continuity. Check out how they creatively use a pop-up embed when you visit their website, and this promo page to showcase their text aesthetic and embed.
  3. They prove something we love to preach — the power of the embed code. Embedding the sign up form across the site is a strategy our most successful hosts religiously use.

This is the Medium account for Subtext A service that lets you text with your audience.