This Election will be: He said, he said…. she texted

We’re closing on the final days of the 2020 presidential campaign, which is hard to believe — or is it?! For many of you that means, it’s an all out sprint as you continue to cover this unprecedented year’s top stories and this election cycle.

This week we’re highlighting USA TODAY editor and Subtext host Ashley Shaffer who runs the popular Short List newsletter and Subtext campaign of the same name.

Ashley spun off an election edition of The Short List this week to keep her subscribers updated on the presidential debates and the final days of this campaign season.

The Short List: Countdown to presidential elections surpassed The Short List core campaign in subscribers in the first 48 hours. This success all from a smart and simple shout out in the daily email newsletter.

The original Short List has been a successful campaign as well! Ashley and her team have discovered that the click through rates on the average text were nearly 10% higher than in the newsletter. This lead to the election spin off.

Understanding the verticals that your audience are most interested in and/or segmenting the audience for event coverage is a great way to continue to engage your most loyal subscribers. Stay tuned for more on this campaign as they kick off their coverage with next week’s’ first debate.

Credit this Tweet for the catchy headline: “He said, He said, She Texted”