Tips for quick campaign growth

Florida Politics launched their campaign to cover the state legislative session in November 2020. The digital newsroom signed up 63 subs with an email blast, but it was the homepage banner that took their campaign from a group of loyalists to a large dedicated following. Within 72 hours of launching the banner pictured above on their homepage, their subscriber list grew by 775%. Who should try this: Hosts with lots of homepage web traffic.

CNET’s Cheapskates text deals has averaged 115 new subscribers per day since their September launch. Host Rick Broida’s campaign is an effective companion product to his popular deal hunting blog and podcast by the same name. The team has aggresively placed the sign up embed code around their website to see quick growth in their few couple of months texting their audience. Who should try this: Hosts with lots of article traffic.

USA Today’s Short List elections campaign is covering the 2020 presidential election from the beginning of the debate through the inauguration. This spinoff campaign grew USA Today’s Subtext audience by 5x in relation the news org’s daily headlines campaign of the same name. The Short List team included daily reminders near the top of their newsletter in the weeks leading up to election day. They also reached out to their colleagues on the political team to share their campaign via newsletter as well as leveraged some PR done by the newsroom’s editor in chief. Who should try this: Hosts with strong email newsletters

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