Tracking your success on Subtext

We’re not just here to bring you the platform, but to actively help you reach your goals of texting your audience.

3 min readAug 28, 2020


When getting started on Subtext, we encourage you two identify two things: 1) the value proposition of your campaign and 2) the metric you’ll use to track your success. We then work with you to ensure you’re reaching your goals for the platform.

In this case study, we will look the process Newsday is using to track their progress on Subtextfor their coronavirus campaign. Their two main goals are: 1) New digital subscribers for and 2) More stories produced in collaboration with their audience.

Campaign overview: The free text service was launched in mid-May and is hosted by their social media team. The campaign’s success is really a group effort that brings together folks across the organization from social, marketing, editorial and senior leadership.

Types of broadcasts: They’re a combination of the specifics of the public health crisis as well as the larger impact on their Long Island community. Types of texts that have produced the most conversions to digital subscribers? “News you can use,” says, Elaine Piniat, head of their social team, who has closely tracked their conversions, one of their key metrics for the campaign.

In terms of the types of broadcasts that have produced the most feedback? Personalized texts that intro the hosts, ask a question and have a clear call to action. The team wrote this story based on the first text pictured. They then followed up to let the audience know that their responses were appreciated and used in their reporting. See the second text pictured.

Marketing: The team launched the campaign with an article introducing the service and have since been persistent about including the embed form in related stories.

One big marketing win came a few months after their launch. They sent an email blast sharing the campaign with all their digital subscribers and newsletter subscribers. That day the campaign grew nearly 50%!

Good reminder that consistent marketing is the key to consistent growth!

Tracking conversions: One of the most impressive parts of this campaign is how diligently they’ve tracked their wins and losses on Subtext. The newsroom has seen many conversions from Subtext subscribers to paying digital subscribers.

This is how they track it. They built a spreadsheet that includes these metrics for every broadcast:

  1. The click through rate, by using a UTM code on the link shared
  2. Number of subscribers at time of broadcast
  3. Unique views
  4. Conversions to digital subscribers
  5. Unsubscribes per broadcast
  6. Responses to broadcast
  7. Replies to messages received

They’ve used this data not only to track digital conversions, but to bring their audience more of the type of content that they respond to.

Really impressive stuff, Newsday! We’ve learned a lot from you as a team, and know other hosts will as well. Thank you.

What creative approaches are you trying or would you like to try on Subtext? Don’t be shy! Email ( or text (510- 662–0278) us any time. We’re eager to hear about them!




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