Why personalizing your subscribers experience works

3 min readJan 26, 2021

Reviewed’s awesome team of shopping and product experts are taking the idea of bad purchases out of their subscriber’s futures.

Reviewed hosts the Subtext campaign Here’s the Deal with Reviewed.

The team does the leg work of testing out everyday items from tech and kitchen gadgets to beauty products, so we don’t have to. They then deliver on this research with top deals, product reviews and promo codes via text. The audience is here for it!

Using a charismatic approach that the team credits to their Senior Social Media Manager Kate McCarthy’s personal touch with readers, they’ve formed an energetic and interactive audience of over 4k subs.

Is getting to know your subscriber base and providing a personalized experience the key to success? It seems so. That’s one of the many things that’s contributed to the success of this campaign. They sent subs a link to a short survey asking them if they liked the frequency of their texts, what they could improve on, and what they would like to see more of. Then they implemented the feedback.

We know that audiences appreciate these types of candid interactions and personalized experiences, but Reviewed’s Director of Audience Development Heather Muse seems to have it down to a science.

“The best part about working with our subscribers is that we’re giving them a personalized experience. We’ve received so many thank-you messages from the audience telling us they feel like we’re their personal shoppers, which is how we want them to feel. Asking readers in-depth questions — who they’re shopping for and what their particular interests, ages, and needs are — allowed us to provide hyper-specific recommendations, and to get real-time feedback. Being able to joke with readers about last-minute shopping, wrapping gifts, and the general craziness of the holiday season was a great reminder that yes, we are people too, but we are also here to help them find the best products.

What goes hand in hand with providing more of what subscribers want? Heightened engagement. The team has managed an engagement rate of almost 8%, which is incredible for a subscriber list of this size. According to Heather, they’ve hit a sweet spot with their cadence.

“We’re not bombarding subscribers with texts, so they seem special when they do receive them.” Sometimes less is more.

Questions on this strategy? Want to start your own Subtext campaign? Reach out at hello@joinsubtext.com.




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