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Our new segmentation feature is already proving to be a really valuable way for our hosts to learn more about their audience.

The 1 Minute Talk Show team is using segmentation to identify their super fans! The online talk show, hosted by Aiden Wall and Sean Kane, has a cult-like fan following with over 1MM followers across IG, TikTok and Youtube, Aiden told us that using segmentation to create new content alerts has vastly improved their audience experience and has even helped them track and reward their super fans.

Our audience is spread across a ton of platforms. Youtube, Instagram…

As larger groups of individuals are qualifying for COVID immunization, it feels as though there’s normalcy on the horizon amid the pandemic. We’re happy to share that a number of Subtext hosts have dedicated their campaigns to resources and developments on the vaccine and through this, have provided an extremely crucial service to their communities.

This Oakland based non-profit publisher running a Subtext campaign covering that very important topic — The Oaklandside’s guide to the COVID 19 vaccine.

Having launched in mid-February, The Oaklandside’s audience has already grown over 50%. Incredible, right?

Above all, they’ve managed to accomplish this with…

Super host and Florida Politics publisher, Peter Schorsch, leaned into a simple banner on his website, and the subscribers flooded in.

Subtext super host and Florida Politics publisher Peter Schorsch runs the campaign “Florida Politics news alerts and analysis”. He brings his subcribers the latest news and analysis on Florida’s 2021 State Legislative Session and beyond. Since launching in mid-November, Peter, the author of FP’s “Sunburn — The morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics,” has managed to grow authentic connections with a Subtext community of over 1k subs.

According to Peter whose been loving the ease of one-on-one communication with his readers, the campaign has also served as a driver of his online content.

“I’m very much enjoying the…

CNET’s Executive News Editor Roger Cheng brings listeners a digestible daily snapshot of top tech news stories via his podcast The Daily Charge and now his Subtext campaign.

Last month, the Daily Charge’s Subtext campaign grew by over 90%.The team at CNET seems to have it all figured out. They shine across all four of their campaigns by using a an effective cross-platform promotion strategy, inclusive of social posts embeds, strategic call to actions and podcast mentions.

How did they do it?

CNET’s all-star Senior Audience Engagement Manager Caitlin Petrakovitz cleverly prompted subscribers, of their limited time campaign covering CES…

We’re making connecting simple, again.

Subtext, founded in 2018 by Advance’s in-house incubator Alpha Group, is a SMS platform designed to make it easy for thought leaders, brands, journalists to text with their audience.

As a Customer Success Manager and an early hire, you will work closely with some of the biggest names in media and publishing, politics and the creator space. This role will work across sales, marketing and product, and be responsible for driving company growth through onboarding, managing and expanding customer relationships.

We’re building Subtext because we know texting is the way to have authentic and meaningful conversations, bypassing algorithms, spam and…

If you’re looking for trustworthy recommendations on where to eat and drink in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, foodies need look no further than restaurant connoisseur and food writer Sarah Blaskovich of The Dallas Morning News.

Sarah’s the approachable super host of Restaurant News, where she breaks news on restaurant trends and answers subscribers’ burning questions on what’s hot, what’s not and where to eat next. Her growing audience can’t get enough of it!

Sarah leads with accessibility and personality by texting custom suggestions for date night, girls night, game day and everything in between.

Reviewed’s awesome team of shopping and product experts are taking the idea of bad purchases out of their subscriber’s futures.

Reviewed hosts the Subtext campaign Here’s the Deal with Reviewed.

The team does the leg work of testing out everyday items from tech and kitchen gadgets to beauty products, so we don’t have to. They then deliver on this research with top deals, product reviews and promo codes via text. The audience is here for it!

Using a charismatic approach that the team credits to their Senior Social Media Manager Kate McCarthy’s personal touch with readers, they’ve formed an energetic and interactive audience of over 4k subs.

Is getting to…

Check out the talented team at the locally-owned Austonia News in Austin, Tx. These super hosts run New! Free PM Update Text. The recently rebranded Subtext campaign sends subscribers a PM text update, working in tandem with the organization’s AM newsletter. By delivering exclusive insider info and breaking news, plus smart marketing of this product, their audience has grown by over 44% since launching PM update in early December.

Austonia News: Host of New! Free PM Update Text

Here’s how they got there:

Contests are super effective on social channels and have been known to generate tons of engagement, and we’ve proven subscribers like getting deals via text. Prizes can range from a month free promo code for your campaign or your digital subscription to a shout out to the winner on your podcast or Subtext. No pressure, this should be fun!

For best results, your text contest should include:

The dates the campaign will run, including the time zone

2. A call to action

3. A description of how/when the winner will be selected

4. When you’ll announce the winner via text…

The team behind this holiday Subtext campaign is getting valuable feedback like never before

Earlier this month, Canadian news outlet The Globe and Mail launched their holiday Subtext campaign 24 Treats of Christmas…and oh what a treat it has been! The 24 Treats campaign launched on 12/1 with the simple but brilliant idea to text subscribers a link to a recipe for a new holiday treat every day leading up to Christmas. They make things fun and interactive by challenging their followers to try out new recipes and text in baking questions and pictures of all the delicious treats they bake.


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