Gamify your Subtext approach by executing a contest or giveaway

2 min readJan 6, 2021


Contests are super effective on social channels and have been known to generate tons of engagement, and we’ve proven subscribers like getting deals via text. Prizes can range from a month free promo code for your campaign or your digital subscription to a shout out to the winner on your podcast or Subtext. No pressure, this should be fun!

For best results, your text contest should include:

The dates the campaign will run, including the time zone

2. A call to action

3. A description of how/when the winner will be selected

4. When you’ll announce the winner via text and if/when the winner should claim their prize i.e. Pick up, delivery, text, email

To encourage new subscribers and track conversions, try this:

1. Promote your Subtext contest on social and anywhere else you communicate with your following.

2. Convert your social followers to Subtext subscribers by having them “sign up to win.”

3. Determine a contest CTA and post about it.

i.e. “When it comes to holiday baking, festive decor is key. CALLING ALL BAKERS! We’re running a holiday cookies giveaway contest! Text HOLIDAYCOOKIES to XXX-XXX-XXXX, and we’ll send you a link to sign up and enter. Once you sign up, text us a picture of your best holiday cookies (plus the recipe!) with the keywords “Contest Entry”, for the chance to win.”

  • *Note: Subscribers must first complete the signup process before sending their contest entry**

Need help with this strategy? We’re here to help!




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